law in african households:

1. never ever ask your parents, uncles, aunts, older cousins etc why they are “yelling” when they speak. EVER.

2. never ever take ANYTHING with your left hand. EVER.

3. never ever answer to a call yell with just “yes”. EVER.

Everyone older…

Similar in the Trinidadian household. 

I still call elders aunty and uncle even though I’m 25.

Answering just “yes” to mom/dad/whoever older will have a swift “YES WHO!!!” directed at you.

To this day I still laugh at my sister when my mom broke a wooden spoon on her, because she didn’t stop her game of hop scotch even though the street lights came on and mum sent me to get her twice. When you don’t hear yuh ass will feel! Mum was double pissed because she had to stop cooking to come get my sister plus she broke a good spoon.